K Music Artists defy musical boundaries and break records with their catchy, exotic sounds.

K Music Artists

K-pop idols often audition for a music company in their teens and then spend years training in singing, rapping, dancing, and foreign language. They periodically release catchy music singles and albums filled with exotic sounds and entrancing visuals.

From Psy’s infamous “Gangnam Style” to BoA’s R&B breakup balladry, these artists have broken boundaries in musical styles and song topics.

Lee Mujin

Lee Mujin is a South Korean singer and composer. He is best known for his appearance on JTBC’s tv program ‘Sing Again’, where he finished in third place. He is currently a student at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.

His music has received critical acclaim, and his performances have been met with excitement from fans. His single ‘Traffic Light’, which was released in 2021, reached number one on the Gaon Digital Chart.

In the song, Lee compares life to a traffic light. He says that sometimes we are forced to stop, while at other times we can freely move. He also points out that a yellow light only flickers for the shortest time, yet it still does its job. He hopes that his music will not only be added to someone’s playlist, but that it will stay in their hearts. Interestingly, he is a fan of Jason Mraz. He enjoys eating hamburgers and vanilla latte.


Colde’s music is infused with a unique mix of creativity and spunk. He is able to enthrall audiences with his sincere lyrics and contagious beats. His uplifting music has encouraged listeners to pursue their dreams and to never give up.

He has released the extended plays Wave, Idealism, and Love Part 1. He is a member of the duo offonoff and was on SM’s 5th runner for their SM Station opportunity, winning the chance to release his song ‘Loss’.

He began his career on SoundCloud and was signed to HIGHGRND in 2016. He then went on to found the independent label WAVY, which he remains under today. He has also collaborated with artists such as RM from BTS and Heize. He enjoys listening to Thai artist Phum Viphurit and cites Kendrick Lamar as an influence. His MBTI type is ENFJ-A. He is also an avid collector of CDs and LPs. He also enjoys playing the guitar, piano, and danso.


Hyukoh is a top alternative artist, delighting fans with her enchanting music. Experience her hypnotizing sound live by getting Hyukoh tickets from Vivid Seats, which offers affordable ticket prices.

The multilingual band is fronted by Oh Hyuk, who sings in Korean, Mandarin and English. Their melodic guitar-based music and atypical image set them apart from the more cultivated K-pop artists working the scene.

Their 2014 debut EP, 20, followed by their second release, 22, earned the group a modest following among Seoul’s indie scene. Hyukoh gained more mainstream attention after appearing on the popular television show Infinite Challenge in 2015 and signing with YG Entertainment’s Highgrind label.

Their latest album, 24, has become a worldwide success. Some of their most popular singles include Tomboy, Wi Ing Wi Ing and Comes and Goes. The band has been invited to perform in several recognized festivals across North America and Europe including Coachella, Lowlands and Pukkelpop. Hyukoh has a passion for her music that comes through in each of their performances.

Seo Taiji

After a stint in the heavy metal band Sinawe, Seo Taiji formed his group, Boys, in 1991. Their fusion of music, dance, and fashion created an image for youth culture that still influences modern Korean pop. While much of their production style—especially the use of new jack swing—had long passed its prime in the United States by the time “Nan Arayo” hit the charts in Korea, it was still ahead of its times when it came to the socially conscious message behind the song.

When Boys disbanded in 1996 after four wildly popular studio albums and two live recordings, they left an irreplaceable mark on the K-pop landscape. Their music was the vanguard of a new cultural frontier that combated censorship, stabilized the economy, established geopolitical soft power, and built an entirely new aesthetic. It is a trend that continues to this day, as groups like BTS and H.O.T. regularly address the angst and anger of young people through their lyrics.

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