Celebrating Music in Vicenza and the Musicians of the Conservatory

D Music Vicenza

In the church on Monte Berico one can admire mosaics and sarcophagi from late antiquity. Local tradition relates that the Virgin appeared on this hill to a peasant girl who was suffering from a plague.

Alessandra Visentin’s attractive contralto voice served the role well. She delivered a number of neatly rendered recitatives and two appealing arias.

Concerts & Events

d music vicenza hosts concerts and events to celebrate the best artists from all over the world. From pop to rock music, and everything in between, you’ll find all genres are represented here.

The Conservatory of Vicenza is one of the first in Italy to offer academic degrees in specific Early Music disciplines. It also fosters research activities.

On the occasion of the 25th edition of Tribute to Palladio, Sir Andras Schiff opens the program in four evenings at the Olympic Theater on May 4 and 7, 2023. Haydn, Mozart is Brahms are the authors chosen to light up the extraordinary building designed by Andrea Palladio: the oldest indoor theater in the world and UNESCO heritage since 1994 together with other Paladian works in Vicenza.


Vendita, noleggio, assistenza e riparazioni pianoforti — tutto a vostra disposizione nel nostro negozio di Vicenza.

La Conservatory of Music Arrigo Pedrollo, one of the first in Italy to offer first and second level Academic Degrees (Bachelor and Master) dedicated to specific Early Music disciplines, has become one of the reference points for research on Renaissance music and for teaching Historically informed performance practice.

Description of Work: Provide musical accompaniment (organ and piano) for Catholic and Protestant worship services, rehearsals and special worship services in support of the USAG-Italy Religious Support Office at Caserma Ederle, Vicenza, Italy. This will be done on a contract basis. Please see the attached file for full details. The 414th CSB Regional Contracting Office will use responses to this Notice to identify responsible vendors capable of providing the services described herein.

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